These Days Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala

Ae Yo The Kidd!

Oh Piche Piche Turrdi Aa Fame Ajj Kal
Aunda Ae Star’an Vich Name Ajj Kal
Tere Karke Gaane Sadde Ni Chalde
Landu Launde Mere Te Blame Ajj Kal

Oh Piche Piche Turrdi Aa Fame Ajj Kal
Aunda Ae Star’an Vich Name Ajj Kal
Tere Karke Gaane Sadde Ni Chalde
Landu Launde Mere Te Blame Ajj Kal

Oh Badleya Sidhu Da Style Ajj Kal
24 Ghante Wajjda Mobile Ajj Kal
Chadhayi Layi OH Mera Reply Mangde
Chadda Deke Chhoti Ji Smile Ajj Kal
Ajj Kal, Ajj Kal

Oh Note Meri Kalli Kalli Move Ajj Kal
Wrong Mainu Karde Prove Ajj Kal
Naam Mera Laike View Count High Kardi
Ho Mere Sirron Chale YouTube Ajj Kal
Ajj Kal, Ajj Kal, Ajj Kal


Suneya Big Boss Banan Munde Ajj Kal
Lil Wayne, Rick Ross Banan Munde Ajj Kal
Thapde Vallon Theek Karan Jadon Beep Badhan
Mera Bachpana Repeat Karan Jivein Cheat Karan

Munde Style Mera Steal Karan
Jadon Deal Karaan Kivein Taras Karaan
Main Pehlan Note Ginna Phir Verse Karaan

Tu Shor Kare Tere Kakh Ni Chette Ve
Mere Rap Desi Hip-Hop De Alif Bebe Te

Naale Asar Mera Jiven Asadullah
Saare Mere Naal Jude Main Juda Juda
Jivein Rap God Kehna Khuda Khuda
Saare Rabb Nu Manan Ae Meri Duva
Saare Rabb Nu Manan Ae Meri Duva
Naale Meri Dua Saare Dua Karan

Samajhdar Jehde Sadde Naal Aake
Na Same Beef Karan Sulah Karan
Main Massin Kholda IG Pinda Ch Main Bhai Ji
Fan Base Jivein First Fight Ki Gunda Ki IG

Bohemia Sidhu Moose Wala
When Be At The Club
We Don’t Need ID

Oh Gabbru Da Chalda Ae Peak Ajj Kal
Anti’an Da Vision Aa Weak Ajj Kal
Chadhayi Meri Ohvein Maintain Mithiye
Geet Phone Photo Teeno Leak Ajj Kal
Ajj Kal, Ajj Kal Aaye

Tedda Chale Zindagi Da Phase Ajj Kal
Meri Lagge Apne Naal Race Ajj Kal
Saare Passe Naam Sadda Sach Sohniye
Jhoothe Mere Te Paunde Bhavein Case Ajj Kal

Ho Pitthan Utte Bolde Aa Bahute Ajj Kal
Sher Kayi Bande Aa Khud Ajj Kal
Online Saare Saale Vairi Bande
Oh Milne Te Den Samjhaute Ajj Kal

Anokhi Munda Chaddi Jaawe Chaap Ajj Kal
Punna Naalo Dune Kare Paap Ajj Kal
Kal Jihnu Sare Si Jawaak Dassde
Sareyan Da Baneya Oh Bap Ajj Kal

Oh Oh Karaan Wadde Geet Te Puwade Ajj Kal
Industry Ae Khandi Vichon Saarhe Ajj Kal
Jatt Tera Dil Da Ni Maada Ajj Vi
Kamm Kare Saare Ohvi Maade Ajj Kal
Ajj Kal

Fully Home Grown
Internationally Known
Since We Been An Again

These Days!

Name of the Song :- These Days Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala

This song These Days Lyrics itself build a fanbase as it gained so much of love from its fans jThese Dayst after its release

The lead singer in this popular song These Days Lyrics is Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala is basically from India

This famoThese Days song These Days Lyrics was recorded earlier but was released officially on 2021

There were many live performances held due to crazy popularity of this song These Days Lyrics

This song by These Days Lyrics was produced by some famoThese Days & rich producers.

The Genre type of the song These Days Lyrics is too famoThese Days.

The beautiful and mind soothing lyrics of the song These Days Lyrics are written by great and famoThese Days songwriters like Sidhu Moose Wala

The song These Days Lyrics is sunged in Punjabi language

Time duration of the official song These Days Lyrics is exactly 4min 11sec.

The song These Days Lyrics is filmed in some famoThese Days & Beautiful locations of India.

The YOUTUBE statistics of the song These Days Lyrics is : Views= 16,570,129+

Likes= 396K+

VarioThese Days creators have tried to sing this melodioThese Days song These Days Lyrics all videos are available on YOUTUBE

The song These Days Lyrics is has a major certification that is Punjabi due to sale of millions on units

The song These Days Lyrics is also available on some major platforms like

  2. GAANA
  5. WYNK

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