OutLaw Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala


Ho rokeyan tetho rukne nai,
Jor la layin jhukne nayi,
Daaran bann-bann awange,
Asi goliyan de nal mukne nayi,

Bhull ke sadhaa de layin na,
Maut diyan saugatan nu,


Oh gair kanooni yaar mere,
Ghumde firde ratan nu,
Vairi darr-darr kehnde ne,
Hoya ki halaatan nu (x2).

Gair kanooni yaar mere (x2).

O millions de wich kharche ne,
Medal’ an wangu parche ne,
Aidde-aidde kaand kare,
Parliament tak charche ne,

Hathi thuk la chak laange,
Parkhi na aukat’an nu,


Oh gair kanuni yaar meray,
Ghumde firde ratan nu,
Vairi darr-darr kehnde ne,
Hoya ki halaatan nu (x2).

Gair kanuni yaar meray, yaar meray (x2).

Koyi pata nai kad muk jana,
Jeyone haan akhri saahan te,
Yaar wich baithe kaali caddilac,
Turdi paap de rahan te,

Nereyan wich taarh-taarh hundi,
News aundi parbaatan nu.


Oh gair kanooni yaar mere,
Ghumde firde ratan nu,
Vairi darr-darr kehnde ne,
Hoya ki halaatan nu (x2).

Gair kanooni yaar mere, yaar mere (x2).

Kade moosewala sach kari,
Oh gun te kalam da fusion aa,
Tusi violent mainu dasde oh,
Oye saaleyo eh revolution aa,

Thodde palle painiya ni,
Mera rabb hi jaan da baatan nu.


Ik wari hor,

Gair kanooni yaar mere,
Ghumday phirday rataan nu,
Vaireee dar-dar kehnday nay,
Hoya ki halataan nu (x2).

Name of the Song :- Outlaw Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala

This song Outlaw Lyrics itself build a fanbase as it gained so much of love from its fans Outlaw after its release

The lead singer in this popular song Outlaw Lyrics is Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala is basically from India

This famoOutlaw song Outlaw Lyrics was recorded earlier but was released officially on 2021

There were many live performances held due to crazy popularity of this song Outlaw Lyrics

This song by Outlaw Lyrics was produced by some famoOutlaw & rich producers.

The Genre type of the song Outlaw Lyrics is too famoOutlaw.

The beautiful and mind soothing lyrics of the song Outlaw Lyrics are written by great and famoOutlaw songwriters like Sidhu Moose Wala

The song Outlaw Lyrics is sunged in Punjabi language

The duration of the official song Outlaw Lyrics is exactly 4min 11sec.

The song Outlaw Lyrics is filmed in some famoOutlaw & Beautiful locations of India.

The YOUTUBE statistics of the song Outlaw Lyrics is : Views= 16,570,129+

Likes= 396K+

VarioOutlaw creators have tried to sing this melody Outlaw song Outlaw Lyrics all videos are available on YOUTUBE

The song Outlaw Lyrics is has a major certification that is Punjabi due to sale of millions on units

The song Outlaw Lyrics is also available on some major platforms like

  2. GAANA
  5. WYNK

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