Doctor Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala

Ho main sunneya tu menu jaan di nahi
Mainu pind ch doctor doctor kehnde aa

Ae yo
The Kidd!

Ho na degree holder aan
Na officer shaahi aan
Singh dekh phasa ke tu
Main keha niri tabahi aan


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Mirchi jehi paava dinda
Aadi nai rehman da
Tu dass kadauna ta
Munda doctor vehman da
Ni tu dass kadauna ta
Jatt doctor vehman da

Ho kal di koyi guarantee nahi
Rog chhad da ni aaj da


Ho munda fukriyan naaran da
Specialist bajda

Gurur tod da aa
Ni main bahleya kaiman da

Tu dass kadauna ta
Munda doctor vehman da
Ni tu dass kadauna ta
Jatt doctor vehman da

Bahli hawa ch udd deyan de
Paava patti radan nu


Ni main free vich kad’da aan
Fukreyan diyan jaada nu

Kade paake bhajeyan nai
Paaband aan time’an da

Tu dass kadauna ta
Munda doctor vehman da
Ni tu dass kadauna ta

Shonkan to vaili aan
Unjh likhda gauna aan
Ni main fame ch aineya nu
Biba dikhan vi launa aa

Ni main vaddeya khunda nu
Path padhaya sehaman da

Tu dass kadauna ta
Munda doctor vehman da
Ni tu dass kadauna ta
Jatt doctor vehman da

Agle te depend kude
Mere taur tareeke ne
Jhole vich pistol vi
Te har tarah de teeke ne

2 tarah di goli ae
Bas fark ae time ‘an da

Tu dass kadauna ta
Munda doctor vehman da
Ni tu dass kadauna ta
Jatt doctor vehman da

Har tarah de masle da
Har tarah da funda ae
Likhne layi kalam kude
Lokan layi danda ae

Sidhu Moose aala ni
Ustad hai rhyman da

Tu dass kadauna ta
Munda doctor vehman da
Ni tu dass kadauna ta
Jatt doctor vehman da

Name of the Song :- Doctor Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala

This song Doctor Lyrics itself build a fanbase as it gained so much of love from its fans kanjut after its release

The lead singer in this popular song Doctor Lyrics is Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala is basically from India

This famoDoctor song Doctor Lyrics was recorded earlier but was released officially on 2021

There were many live performances held due to crazy popularity of this song Doctor Lyrics

This song by Doctor Lyrics was produced by some famoDoctor & rich producers.

The Genre type of the song Doctor Lyrics is too famoDoctor.

The beautiful and mind soothing lyrics of the song Doctor Lyrics are written by great and famoDoctor songwriters like Sidhu Moose Wala

The song Doctor Lyrics is sunged in Punjabi language

Time duration of the official song Doctor Lyrics is exactly 4min 11sec.

The song Doctor Lyrics is filmed in some famoDoctor & Beautiful locations of India.

The YOUTUBE statistics of the song Doctor Lyrics is : Views= 16,570,129+

Likes= 396K+

VarioDoctor creators have tried to sing this melody Doctor song Doctor Lyrics all videos are available on YOUTUBE

The song Doctor Lyrics is has a major certification that is Punjabi due to sale of millions on units

The song Doctor Lyrics is also available on some major platforms like

  2. GAANA
  3. AMAZON PRIME Doctor
  5. WYNK

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