Badfella Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala

Yeah yeah!
Yeah yeah!

Ni main Brampton Brompton waang jeevan
Rakhan gore kaale naal kude
Dabb naal looker lageya aa
Te flood’an aali chaal kude

Jeyona nai bautan chir billo
Jihna utte mera sir billo
Ohna modeyan utte maan kude

Tu gallan kardi kehdiyan
Pichhe police maardi gehdiyan

Assi change na insan kude x (2)
Trap house hunde aa fire billo
Sune khadka tere shehar billo
Jane-khane nu milu jehda
Aina sasta nai sadda vair billo

Pahaad aa jatt da jussa ni
Vair na cho maare bahar gussa ni
Tank bhare paye shamshaan kude

Tu gallan kardi kehdiyan
Pichhe police maardi gehdiyan
Assi change na insan kude x (2)

Ho aari aari aari


Aari aari aari
Jehde town tu ghummdi
Othe jatt di chale sardari
Anti’an de saah sukde
Anti’an de saah sukde
Mere modde tangi dunali
Anti’an de saah sukde
Modde tangi dunali
Anti’an de saah sukde
Yaari diyan beejiyan faslan ni
Goli naal mukkda masla ni
Dimag bahuta kaam karda ni
Hath automatic asla ni

Dass kehda bolu saala ni
Jatt khada aa Moose Wala ni
Ik minute ch kadd lau jaan kude

Tu gallan kardi kehdiyan
Pichhe police maardi gehdiyan
Assi change na insan kude x (2)

Dil da ni mahda
Tera Sihu Moose Wala

Oh kaale rang ne dikhde baaneya chon
Saddi jurt boldi gaaneyan chon
Assi bure aan nahiyo sayaneyan chon
Bio-data le layi thaaneya chon

Name of the Song :- Badfella Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala

This song Badfella Lyrics itself build a fanbase as it gained so much of love from its fans Badfella after its release

The lead singer in this popular song Badfella Lyrics is Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala is basically from India

This famoBadfella song Badfella Lyrics was recorded earlier but was released officially on 2021

There were many live performances held due to crazy popularity of this song Badfella Lyrics

This song by Badfella Lyrics was produced by some famoBadfella & rich producers.

The Genre type of the song Badfella Lyrics is too famoBadfella.

The beautiful and mind soothing lyrics of the song Badfella Lyrics are written by great and famoBadfella songwriters like Sidhu Moose Wala

The song Badfella Lyrics is sunged in Punjabi language

The duration of the official song Badfella Lyrics is exactly 4min 11sec.

The song Badfella Lyrics is filmed in some famoBadfella & Beautiful locations of India.

The YOUTUBE statistics of the song Badfella Lyrics is : Views= 16,570,129+

Likes= 396K+

VarioBadfella creators have tried to sing this melody Badfella song Badfella Lyrics all videos are available on YOUTUBE

The song Badfella Lyrics is has a major certification that is Punjabi due to sale of millions on units

The song Badfella Lyrics is also available on some major platforms like

  2. GAANA
  5. WYNK

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